Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guilty pleasure

So there's this radio drama that airs on the CBC every Friday morning at 11:30, and I simply cannot stop listening. It's called Canadia 2056; it features science fiction, American-Canadian relations, intergalactic toilet plunging, amorous computers, a brain in a jar, romance, action, comedy. It really has it all. It's like a mash up of Futurama, the Hitchhiker's Guide, and this stupid audio production of the story of King Midas that I did in grade 5.

What is it that's so compelling about radio dramas? And why aren't there any in this country? (Or if there are, where are they?) Why do I have to outsource for my auditory amusement? Afghanada (when it was on the air, and I hope it's coming back for a third season) also held me totally in thrall.


NoRegrets said...

The local radio station here plays the old radio shows on Sunday nights. Like Gunsmoke, etc. IT's great to listen to them.

Start your own! :-)

Squirrel said...

Actually, I've thought semi-seriously about doing that. I can write cockamamie shit as well as the next guy/gal, as this blog attests! And I think I know enough people who would be interested in helping me out with voice acting.

BTW - congrats and good luck on the house!