Saturday, August 2, 2008

Regresé a casa

Well, I'm back home. I was expecting to get back to New Paltz at 8pm last night; instead, thanks to a variety of airport delays and reroutings, I got back around 5:30 this morning. Spent more than 24 consecutive hours in planes and airports! Yippee!

I am so tired. And I've almost completely lost my voice. It's been a rough few days. I'll have more to say, of course, but for now, a teaser: a shot I took of an indigenous woman and her child in a one room chocolate processing facility in Xela (Quetzaltenango):


NoRegrets said...

Well, at least you made it back. Congrats! Can't wait to hear stories.

Squirrel said...

After giving it some more thought, I don't think I'm going to be posting stories directly to the blog, but I should be sending out an email with links to stories and photos later this week. You're on the distribution list, of course.

Take deep breaths! I know you're in the thick of it with your house and the hood and everything right now.