Thursday, December 31, 2009

Projects for the new year

I don't like making resolutions, because they only end of being broken, but at the beginning of the new year I do make a list of projects to work on. Here is (most of) this year's list:

  1. Train for a triathalon.
  2. Asana: work on abs, forward bends, back bends
  3. Pranayam: I'd like to decrease my resting breath rate to one per minute. I don't know if that's physically possible.
  4. Drastically cut back on my television watching
  5. Eat local/organic meat only
  6. Writing project? Not sure what. Maybe one that I've contemplated in the past but haven't had the courage to start.
  7. Visit Berlin and/or Paris and/or Ireland and/or... somewhere else
  8. Read all of Jane Austen's novels
This is a much larger and more complicated list than I usually make. Fortunately, I'm not much attached to whether I accomplish these things. I do seem to be happiest when I have challenges to work on, though.

Welcome, 2010. Arthur C. Clarke would be so disappointed.

1 comment:

NoRegrets said...

Make sure you put San Fran on the list after I move there!

Happy New Year!

And breathing once a minute??? jeez. they'd have to be some DEEP breaths.